In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

Message to Arab world on ‘Khilafat Day’

The Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, the Fifth Khalifah delivered a special message to the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community during a live Arabic television programme broadcast on Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (MTA) on 27th May 2014.

The programme, hosted by Mr. Muhammad Sharif Odeh, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Kababir, the Holy Land, celebrated the 106th anniversary of the Institution of Khilafat. Following his special message, Arab-speaking Ahmadi Muslims in different countries called into the programme and conveyed their greetings of peace to the Khalifah who in turn reciprocated. The callers were all overcome with emotion as they had the opportunity to converse with the Khalifah – who Ahmadi Muslims believe to be divinely appointed. The special programme came just over two months after His Holiness delivered his first ever Arabic address which was televised on the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of the establishment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, featured earlier in this Edition.

Translated from the Urdu.

In the name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful. We praise Him and invoke our blessings on His noble Messenger and on His servant the Promised Messiah.

I would first of all like to congratulate everyone upon the blessed completion of 106 years of the institution of Khilafat being established. It is a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiahas in the way each year we continue to witness Divine help and support manifesting through Khilafat. The past 106 years are testament to this.

In his book Al-Wassiyat (The Will) the Promised Messiahas mentions the manifestation of two powers of Divine Grace. The first is of Nabuwwat (Prophethood) and the second is of Khilafat. Within the book The Will itself the Promised Messiahas clarifies the nature of this Second Manifestation of Allah the Almighty’s Might. Citing the example of Hazrat Abu Bakrra he says that after the demise of the Holy Prophetsa, there was a state of great commotion, apprehension and concern. In such circumstances Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiqra was made to arise by Allah the Almighty who once again transformed the state of fear into peace and security. The Promised Messiahas then explains with reference to Aayat-e-Istakhlaf1 that Khilafat is the guarantor for security and peace. Furthermore the Promised Messiahas gives the reassurance that: “Let it be clear that after my demise you will see the second manifestation of Allah the Almighty’s might. It will be perpetual and will last until the end of time.”

What can we comprehend and deduct from all of this? It is absolutely clear that by referring to Hazrat Abu Bakrra, by referring to Aayat-e-Istakhlaf and by referring to the Second Manifestation being perpetual and everlasting, the Promised Messiahas is giving us the glad tiding of the system and institution of Khilafat that would remain established forever after him. He is not referring to any Mujaddid2 who would appear immediately after his demise to rejuvenate the faith, but rather the Promised Messiahas is referring to a Khilafah who would represent him and of whom the people would take the Bai’at (the covenant of allegiance).

The Promised Messiahas said that “After me, he will take the Bai’at from you in my name.” Thus the Promised Messiahas has not given authority for the Bai’at to be taken of an Anjamun3. In this connection I would like to relate to you a true and amusing account. A person from the progeny of someone from the Lahori Community, who at the outset of the Second Khilafat did not perform the Bai’at, visited Rabwah during the era of the Third Khilafat. He observed the great progress and organisation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and admitted that indeed he would not find the same in his community. After the migration of the Fourth Khalifah from Rabwah the same person coincidently visited Rabwah. It was that same organised system, Anjamun and people who were working there. However he now said that “I have realised that this same Anjamun is not running anywhere near as effectively as the Anjamun being run directly under Khilafat.” And so undeniably for the Khalifah of the time to be directly present anywhere has an altogether distinct impact, which even non-Ahmadis come to realise.

I have explained that the Promised Messiah’sas statements and writings categorically rebut the notion that only a Mujaddid was to appear after him and he also said in manifest terms that he is the Mujaddid of the last era. Therefore it is Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya in servitude to the Promised Messiahas that with the Grace of the Almighty furthers the mission of reviving the faith. In truth history testifies that when Mujaddid’s appeared before the Promised Messiahas more than one Mujadddid appeared at any one time. The scope of the Mujaddid’s was limited to their respective time periods and thus after the Mujadidds departed from this world, corruption once again beset their followers. Their task and efforts of reformation and reviving the faith were further limited to their local areas or regions and was restricted to removing only the specific vices and evils that were prevalent in the Muslims of that place. Indeed many a Mujaddid carried out work to reform people and revive the faith, but they did not consider themselves as Mujaddids. It was others who understood they were Mujaddids, declared them as such and conveyed to others that such and such person was a Mujaddid.

The advent of the Promised Messiahas and Imam Mahdias was a great favour and blessing of Allah upon us. By perfectly following ours and his master and guide, the Holy Prophetsa, the Seal of the Prophetssa, the Promised Messiahas was sent as the Khatamul Khulafah, Khatamul Auliya and Mujjaddid-e- Alf-e-Aakhir.  Just as the Holy Prophetsa was sent for all mankind, all eras and all nations to remove all evil and corruption in the world similarly, the Promised Messiahas was sent by Allah in this era in perfect following of the Holy Prophetsa to remove the ills and evils found in all of mankind today, until the end of the time. It is therefore completely wrong to place the Promised Messiahas in the category of an ordinary Mujaddid. The era of the Promised Messiahas, the scope of his mission and his task of reviving the faith encompasses all eras, all nations and removing all vices and innovations from all mankind.

As mentioned the Promised Messiahas gave the glad tidings of an institution of Khilafat after him that will remain until the end of time, which will endeavour to further his mission all over the world. This glad tiding was in fact based on a Hadith of the Holy Prophetsa. In the Hadith the Holy Prophetsa said a rightly guided Khilafat would be established after his demise; a period of despotic monarchy would then commence after which there would ensue a period of darkness; then finally Khilafat on the precepts of Prophethood would be established until the Day of Judgement. And so the glad tiding of an everlasting Khilafat was not only given by the Promised Messiahas; indeed the Holy Prophetsa imparted this glad tiding to us through his Sayings.

Today Allah’s practical testimony confirms the incontestable reality that after the Promised Messiahas the institution of Khilafat was certainly Divinely established and receives Allah’s Help and Support. Our work in the world to translate the Holy Qur’an, preach Islam to all mankind, bring hundreds of thousands of people under the banner of true Islam and for millions to unite as one body in complete submission after taking the Bai’at who are prepared to sacrifice everything – could all of this have been possible through human efforts alone?

At this moment in time, all of you are watching MTA4 on TV simultaneously all around the world and people everywhere in the world listen to the Friday Sermons of the Khalifah of the time and also watch various MTA programmes; if we consider all of this in view of the resources of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community then no one in the word could ever imagine this to be possible. Is this evidence alone not sufficient to prove Allah’s practical testimony?

From a worldly perspective many people of the world do not have any connection with religion, yet at times for guidance still turn towards the Khalifah of the Ahmadiyya Community. Whenever I have the opportunity to present the beautiful teachings of Islam in different countries of the world, I say to people that if you desire your sustenance and prosperity in life then you should follow certain principles. You should establish justice and remove double standards in your policies and only then can you establish peace and cater for your lives in this world and the next.

I mentioned MTA earlier. I should inform you that with the Grace of Almighty Allah MTA—which formed through the blessing of Khilafat and broadcasts all over the world in every country: in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and even in the islands—has transformed the manner of thinking of people entirely. And thus Ahmadis have been united and advance together in one direction and this unity of the Ahmadis has become a unique identity. Although Allah the Almighty bestowed MTA as a means [for unity], it is in fact through obedience and love and understanding of the true blessings of Khilafat that this spirit has been developed among the Ahmadis all over the world. Can a greater example be presented of the rejuvenation of the faith and of unity then how Ahmadis all over world at the slightest signal (of the Khalifah) act immediately and spontaneously?

May Allah the Almighty enable us to play our roles for this message and practical testimony to be understood after coming under the Bai’at of the Promised Messiahas, and to help raise the banner of the Holy Prophetsa and establish the governance and authority of Allah in the world. May we understand this and may the Muslim Ummah all over the world also.

It is a special responsibility of the Arab world that they should understand the final message of the Holy Prophetsa in which he completely eliminated any differences between Arabs and non-Arabs, blacks and whites.

Thus, now servitude to the servant of the Holy Prophetsa and obedience to Khilafat are the only means of attracting the blessings of Allah the Almighty and there is now no other path to attract God’s blessings. May Allah the Almighty enable all Ahmadis to understand this and to comprehend its significance and be enabled to spread this message within their own circles of influence. We can thus fulfil the mission of the Promised Messiahas on whom Allah the Almighty placed the responsibility in the following revelation:

“Unite all Muslims on the face of the earth on the one faith (Islam).”

And so, to accumulate the blessings of Allah the Almighty, just as the Arabs played their role in accepting Islam in its first period, the Arabs should now similarly play their role in this second era of the revival of Islam! May Allah the Almighty enable you to achieve this.

And so all Arab Ahmadis spread all over the world should understand their responsibility; that you must strive to fulfil this to a greater degree than before. With the Grace of Almighty Allah there is no doubt, and I bear witness, that Arabs who have accepted the Promised Messiahas show immense loyalty, sincerity and obedience to Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya. So therefore continue to enhance this dedication and devotion to Khilafat so we can rapidly gather the world under the banner of the Holy Prophetsa!




1.  Aayat-e-Istikhlaf refers to Chapter 24, Verse 56 of the Holy Qur’an which speaks of “Successors” (Khalifas) who will appear among the believers as a reward and blessing. The verse reads: “Allah has promised to those among you who believe and do good works that He will surely make them Successors in the earth, as He made Successors from among those who were before them; and that He will surely establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them; and that He will surely give them in exchange security and peace after their fear: They will worship Me, and they will not associate anything with Me. Then whoso is ungrateful after that, they will be the rebellious.

2.  Reformer.

3.  Executive Body.

4.  Muslim Television International (MTA) is the official satellite TV station of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (

5.  May Allah reward you.

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