In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

Men of Excellence

After reciting the TashahhudTa’awwuz, and Surah Al-Fatihah, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) stated:

I was relating the accounts of Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah in the last sermon. Today, I will continue to narrate some further details about him. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah was one of the twelve leaders appointed when the second bai’at at ‘Aqabah took place. He was the chieftain of the entire Khazraj tribe. In the blessed era of the Holy Prophet (sa), he was counted among the most eminent of the Ansar. So much so that after the demise of the Holy Prophet (sa), his name was proposed from among the Ansar for Khilafat. The Holy Prophet (sa) established a bond of brotherhood between Hazrat Sa’d (ra) and Tulaib (ra) bin Umair, who had migrated from Mecca to Medina. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah offered excellent food offering to the Holy Prophet (sa) and his companions, when he was residing at the house of Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari (ra) for a period of 7 months after immigrating from Mecca till the construction of Masjid-e-Nabawi, and the adjacent living-quarters of the Holy Prophet (sa). Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah invited the Holy Prophet (sa) at his home and served him with dedicated hospitality. The Holy Prophet (sa) prayed for him that may the pious people continue to eat from your home, may the angels send down their merciful prayers. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah would take 80 companions to his home to feed; these were the poorer companions, who would sit near the residence of the Holy Prophet (sa). Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah would care for them the most.

One year after migrating to Medina, in the month of Safar, the Holy Prophet (sa) set out for Abwah, which is located 23 miles from Juhfa, in the direction of Mecca. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) clarified the termed a ‘Ghazwah’ a campaign in which the Holy Prophet (sa) personally took part and a Sariyyah’ or Ba‘ath is a campaign that was ordered by the Holy Prophet (sa) but he personally did not take part in this. Prior to departure, the Holy Prophet (sa) appointed Sa‘d (ra) bin Ubadah, Chief of the Khazraj, as the Amir of Medina in his absence, and set out towards the south-west of Medina on the road to Mecca until he finally reached Waddan. Upon reaching here, the Holy Prophet (sa) engaged in discussions with the chieftain of the Banu Ḍamrah, and settled a treaty by mutual agreement.

With regards to Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah participating in the Battle of Badr, there are two varying opinions suggesting that he was ready to take part but was bitten by a dog and as a result of this he was not able to participate in the battle. The Holy Prophet (sa) stated that although Sa’d (ra) did not participate in the battle, he desired fully to partake and thus granted him a share from the spoils of the battle. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah participated in all the battles alongside the Holy Prophet (sa) including the battles of Badr, Uhud and Khandaq.

Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah was the person who explained to the Holy Prophet (sa) the reasons behind the discourteous attitude of Abdulla bin Ubayy bin Salool. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah explained that the people of Medina had previously decided to appoint him, i.e. Abdullah bin Ubayy, as their leader and to place the crown of leadership upon his head. However, with the arrival of the Holy Prophet (sa), this was taken away from him. That is why he was jealous of the Holy Prophet (sa) and said the aforementioned. Upon hearing this, the Holy Prophet (sa) forgave him. After the resounding success of Muslims in Badr, Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Salool affirmed belief in the Holy Prophet (sa) and pledged allegiance to him, thereby entering the fold of Islam.

Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah was part of the war council for Badr and had the honour to guard the Holy Prophet (sa) the night before Battle of Uhud. Hazrat Sa‘d (ra) bin Ubadah was among those Companions (ra) who stood resolutely with the Holy Prophet (sa) during the Battle of Uhud. When the Holy Prophet (sa) returned to Medina from the Battle of Uhud and dismounted his horse, he was supported by Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Muaz and Hazrat Sa‘d (ra) bin Ubadah to his house. The Holy Prophet (sa) had sustained injuries, therefore when he dismounted from his horse, he took the support of these two companions.

The Ghazwah of Hamra-ul-Asad took place in Shawal, 3 AH. When the Holy Prophet (sa) returned from the Battle of Uhud, the Quraish stopped at Rauha, which is situated approximately 36 miles from Medina. Whilst here, the Quraish thought that since the Muslims have suffered greatly, therefore they should return and launch a sudden attack on Medina. Owing to the loss suffered by the Muslims, they will not be able to fight back. Subsequently, when the Holy Prophet (sa) learnt about their intentions, he decided to set out and pursue the Quraish and reached Hamra-ul-Asad. Hamra-ul-Asad is approximately 8 miles from Medina. When the army of Quraish found out that the Holy Prophet (sa) was approaching, they quickly ran towards Mecca. When they found out that instead of showing weakness, the Muslims were in fact coming to attack them, they ran away. Hazat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah brought 30 camels and dates to Hamra-ul-Asad for the troops.

After the success of Ghazwah of Banu Nazir took place in Rabi-ul-Awal, 4 AH, Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah and Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Muaz submitted to the Holy Prophet (sa) that the Holy Prophet (sa) could distribute the entire wealth from the spoils of war to the Muhajireen. Upon this the Holy Prophet (sa) stated, “O Allah! Grant Your mercy to the Ansar and their sons.”

Hazrat Sa’d (ra)’s mother, Hazrat Hamrah (ra) bint Masud was from among the female companions. She passed away when the Holy Prophet (sa) had left for the Ghazwah of Domat-ul-Jandal and Hazrat Sa’d (ra) accompanied the Holy Prophet (sa) in this Ghazwah. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) received the news almost a month later. When he leant of the news of his mother’s demise, he requested Holy Prophet (sa) to lead her funeral prayer and the Holy Prophet (sa) led her funeral prayer. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah sought guidance from the Holy Prophet (sa) in regard to a promise/oath his mother had pledged but passed away before she could fulfil it. The Holy Prophet (sa) stated that he should fulfil it for her. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) dug a well on behalf of his late mother. Hazrat Sa’d (ra) bin Ubadah spent very generously and openheartedly in charity and for the needy. I will continue to relate his account in the future sermon, inshAllah.

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