In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as)

Men of Excellence: Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra)

After reciting TashahhudTa‘awwuz and Surah al-Fatihah, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba) said that he would continue presenting quotations of the Promised Messiah(as) about Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra).

Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) – The Pinnacle of Truthfulness & Piety

His Holiness(aba) quoted the Promised Messiah(as) who said that Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) and Hazrat Umar(ra) were leaders of the caravan which climbed great heights for the sake of God and they invited people far and wide to Islam. Both their eras of Caliphate saw great victories and feats. Both faced dissension and threats, however it was due to the truthfulness of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) that God helped Islam through such turbulent times. The same God who helped the Holy Prophet(sa) helped Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra). The qualities of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) shine bright like a star. Those who deny the greatness of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) are liars.

His Holiness(aba) further quoted the Promised Messiah(as) who said that the person of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) was a cumulation of fear of God, love and complete devotion to God. He was at the pinnacle of truthfulness and piety. He sacrificed all he had, without focusing on leaving great wealth for his progeny. He only took of the world as much as was necessary and devoted the rest to the Holy Prophet(sa) and his faith.

A Man Immersed in Love & Devotion

His Holiness(aba) continued to quote the Promised Messiah(as) who said that Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) prayed with great fervour and would wholly devote himself to the devotion of God. He would immerse himself in supplication while prostrating and would weep whilst reciting the Holy Qur’an. His nature was closest to that of the Holy Prophet(sa) and it was thus that he was at the forefront of accepting him. In fact, he possessed various qualities similar to those possessed by other prophets. We do not find direct mention of any Companion in the Holy Qur’an with certainty, other than Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra).

His Holiness(aba) further quoted the Promised Messiah(as) that Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) was so closely attached to the Holy Prophet(sa) and emulated him so closely that no swords could separate them. Truth, loyalty, steadfastness and piety were ingrained within his being. Even if the entire world were to become apostate, he would not care for them nor would he waver, rather he would continue treading forward. It is thus that after prophets, God mentions the truthful, as He states in the Holy Qur’an:

‘…those on whom Allah has bestowed His blessings, namely, the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Righteous. And excellent companions are these.’ (4:70)

The One Most Deserving of the Title of Siddiq

His Holiness(aba) further quoted the Promised Messiah(as) who said that there was no Companion other than Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) who was given the title of Siddiq – the Truthful.

His Holiness(aba) continued quoting the Promised Messiah(as) who said that during his illness, the Holy Prophet(sa) appointed Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) to lead prayers. He also said that aside from the door of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), all other doors into the mosque should be closed, for there was no one with greater favours upon him than Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra). Ibn Khuldun relates that later, Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) went to the Holy Prophet(sa), kissed his forehead and said that God would never cause him to die two deaths. It is recorded that upon the demise of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), he was carried on the same cot as the Holy Prophet(sa), and he was buried beside the Holy Prophet(sa), such that his head was aligned with the Holy Prophet’s (sa) shoulders.

His Holiness(aba) further quoted the Promised Messiah(as) who said that in all his pondering, research and study he found with great certainty that Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) certainly was Siddiq, He found him to be the Imam of all Imams and a lantern for the faith and Muslim people. The Promised Messiah(as) was made among the honoured people and through the grace of God, he was made the Reformer and Promised Messiah(as) of this age, and this was solely due to the light of the Holy Prophet(sa) and his esteemed Companions. There was none closer to the Holy Prophet(sa) than Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra); he was with the Holy Prophet(sa) in the cave and he is with him now by being beside his grave. Thus, one must recognise and understand the rank of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), because had it not been for him, then it might have been that Islam would be eradicated. However he remained steadfast in the service of Islam and kept it alive and helped save people. He eradicated storms of oppositions and dissension and combated great powers for the protection and preservation of Islam.

The One Who Always Remained by the Side of the Holy Prophet(sa)

His Holiness(aba) continued to quote the Promised Messiah(as) who said that people should always bear the example of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) in mind. The world has never seen an example of true friendship, the like of which was displayed by Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), who remained by the Holy Prophet’s (sa) side no matter the excruciating opposition and torment he endured. It is people with true faith who remain by one’s side during hardships. It is during tough times that the true fabric of people possessing faith comes to be known. The fact that the Holy Prophet(sa) chose Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) to be his closest companion and to accompany him especially in the most difficult of circumstances is a great stamp and testament to Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) as Siddiq. A prophet looks through the lens of guidance received from God, and so it was God who made clear to the Holy Prophet(sa) that the best Companion to accompany the Holy Prophet(sa) was Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), and so it was he who remained by the Holy Prophet(sa) even as they were in the Cave of Thaur. It was there that the Holy Prophet(sa) told him, ‘fear not, for God is with us’, including both of them in ‘us’. This was the trust he had in God. Whilst the opponents were right at the mouth of the cave, the Holy Prophet(sa) could have merely made an indication towards Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), however he trusted God so much that he had a conversation with his most devoted Companion and assured him that there was nothing to worry about. It was the same confidence instilled in Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) that enabled him to stand before the Muslims after the demise of the Holy Prophet(sa) and assure them that Muhammad(sa) was not but a messenger and all messengers before him had also passed away.

His Holiness(aba) presented further quotations of the Promised Messiah(as) who said that if one asks why it was Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) who was chosen by God to initiate the institution of Caliphate, then they should know that Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) was the one to accept the Holy Prophet(sa) when he was alone and remained beside him when he was forced out of his own home amidst taunt and torture. He participated in Jihad for which he presented great monetary sacrifices as well and made immense and unparalleled sacrifices for the sake of Islam. God does not let any act of virtue go unrewarded, and the standard of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) was such that God elevated him to the rank of Caliph.

Standing up to the Rebellions and Dissensions Faced by Islam

His Holiness(aba) further quoted the Promised Messiah(as) who said that after the demise of the Holy Prophet(sa), many became apostate, however it was through Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) that God ensured that Islam remained and in a way was re-established and affirmed in the world. This challenge was faced by none other than Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra).

His Holiness(aba) presented more quotations of the Promised Messiah(as) who said that God promised the establishment of Caliphate in the Holy Qur’an, such that it would change the state of fear of the believers into peace and security. There was no greater manifestation of this promise than Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), because it evident that the Muslims were in a state of great fear after the demise of the Holy Prophet(sa), but it was Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) who brought an end to the rebellions, dissensions and uprisings. He wept and strove for the sake of Islam until the faith was firmly rooted and all threats and false claimnts were eradicated. Thus, God’s promise of establishing Caliphate was fully fulfilled in the person of Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra).

A Shadow and Reflection of the Holy Prophet(sa)

His Holiness(aba) further quoted the Promised Messiah(as) who said that Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) was like the shadow of the Holy Prophet(sa) in his morals and he had a perpetual connection with the Holy Prophet(sa). It was thus that he attained such heights which others cannot attain in an entire lifetime.

His Holiness(aba) said that this was Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra), who had completely devoted himself to God and His Messenger (sa).

His Holiness(aba) said that this brings an end to his series of sermons on the Companions who took part in the Battle of Badr. His Holiness(aba) said that some time in the future, he may present further details which came to light later of certain companions whom he mentioned earlier in the series, otherwise those details will be added when this series of sermons is published.

His Holiness(aba) prayed that may Allah the Almighty enable us to follow in the footsteps of these Companions; may they be our guiding stars and may we strive to emulate the standards that they achieved.

Summary prepared by The Review of Religions

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