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Muslim Leader Says: Monitor All Mosque Sermons

The leader of the world’s largest organised Muslim community believes we should arm all police in Britain to stop Islamic extremists.

Speaking to Shelagh Fogarty, Mirza Masroor Ahmad also said that all sermons in mosques should be monitored by the government.

In a rare interview, the leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community told LBC: “The police should be given more powers.

“They should have some arms in their hands. What can policemen do with a stick? Whereas the opponent is carrying a semi-automatic rifle

“The life of your officer is at stake. To protect themselves, they should have something.

Moving on to the focus on the peaceful work of the Muslim community, he added: “The sermons in all the Mosques should be monitored.

“The Home Office has the right to hold that information.

“If anything is being done by the government just to establish law and order, then it’s not spying.

“To speak ill of the country, to say you want to destroy Britain, that man is not a citizen of the country.”

Listen to the Interview: Audio

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